What Should I do for a Toothache?

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At some point, many of us have or will experience a toothache. Much of the time, a cavity is the reason for the pain. But toothaches can be caused by sensitive teeth, thin tooth enamel, or a cracked tooth. The cause may also be an abscess, which is an infection from decay, or disease. In some cases, the tooth isn’t the problem at all. The pain may be caused by a sinus infection, or by grinding your teeth.

Whatever the cause, if you are experiencing a toothache, it’s important that you get in touch with Dr. Wendy Quiroz at Wendy Quiroz, DDS as soon as possible so that we can make an appointment for the doctor to see you. Even if the pain is not very severe, you should still come in. Until we can see you, you might try rinsing your mouth with warm water, or using dental floss to remove anything stuck between your teeth that might be causing the pain. You might try an over-the-counter pain reliever to help with the ache.

When you visit, the dentist may prescribe some antibiotics, clean your teeth, or take other steps to get rid of the infection. The dentist may need to fill a cavity.

Of course, the best way to keep toothaches away is brush and floss regularly, and to schedule regular visits with us at Wendy Quiroz, DDS in Clovis, California. We can clean your teeth, and conduct a thorough exam to see if there are any issues we can address before they become a problem. If you have an aching tooth, or if it’s just been a while since you’ve been in to see us, give us a call today at 559-299-9211.