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With a tooth whitening treatment system, you can help eradicate deep stains and discolorations and drastically improve the color of your smile. If you wish to improve and enhance your smile with a tooth whitening treatment system, visit our dentist for an examination to determine which products are best for you.

One of the most common forms of teeth whitening treatment systems is via a professional in-office whitening procedure. In a single in-office whitening procedure, it may be possible to improve the color of your teeth by up to ten shades. Furthermore, various whitening treatment kits can be administered later on through at-home use.

Over-the-counter products vary greatly in effectiveness, and some can even damage your teeth and gums. Because over-the-counter products remain unregulated, you may end up using a product that could bleach your gums or wear down your tooth enamel. Thus, it is important to make sure that you receive product recommendations and suggestions from your dentist. Make sure to clear any store-bought products with our dentist before use.

It’s never too late for a tooth whitening treatment from Wendy Quiroz, DDS. Enhancing your smile is as easy as picking up your phone and dialing 559-299-9211 to schedule a meeting with Dr. Wendy Quiroz and our team at our dental office in Clovis, California.