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You may have read the title to this blog and thought “How can anyone make a trip to the dentist fun, especially for kids? Believe it or not it can be done, and it is not as hard as you might think.

Two words: early and often. Well not quite often. Your child’s first trip to the dentist should be when he gets his first tooth and within six months of his first birthday, and every six months after that The first visit to the dentist should not be for a toothache or dental emergency. You don’t want your child associating the dentist with pain or trauma. Instead, get your child used to seeing the dentist. It doesn’t hurt to take your child in before the appointment to meet the dentist and team, and let him get familiar with the office and the people.

The library is full of books and videos about visiting the dentist. You can also have your child bring a stuffed animal, blanket or toy with him on his visit, or have him dress up in his favorite superhero costume. That will make the visit more fun, and give him a little boost of confidence on the big day.
You can also make your dental visit a family affair, and have everyone come in for their checkups. After all, there is strength in numbers! Finally, if you keep an upbeat and positive attitude about taking care of your teeth and visiting the dentist, your child will take his cues from you.

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