Dental Crowns: Details on the Different Types of Restorations Available

Dental crowns are also known as tooth caps. They fit over your weak, broken, and unattractive tooth and repair its function, health, and appearance. In addition to these beneficial characteristics, dental crowns are also made in different ways, which means there are different types of dental crowns available to serve different needs. To tell you… Read more »

Drink Water for a Healthy Smile

For a happy smile, don’t forget to drink water! Dehydration affects your entire body. It can reduce brain function, energy levels, and physical capacity. Sufficient hydration can combat these negative effects, as well as other positive things like making skin look less wrinkled, reducing risk of kidney stones, reducing constipation, and even helping individuals lose… Read more »

A New Cavity Can Develop in a Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth can sometimes prove to be a cosmetic imperfection that causes minor sensitivity. This tempts some individuals to forgo having the damaged tooth treated by a dentist like Dr. . Unfortunately, this could prove to be a serious error in judgment. As the weeks go by, minute food particles and plaque buildup can… Read more »

The Correct Way to Use Mouthwash

Gargle and spit: mouthwash is easy, right? Think it or not, using mouthwash is a little bit more intricate than that. (But once you get the steps down, it really isn’t tricky at all.) We’ve put together a few instructions to support you in getting the most out of your mouthwash-swishing sessions. Utilized correctly, mouthwash… Read more »

Oral Health Treatments: Dental Fillings

A dental filling is a tooth restoration treatment that is specifically designed to treat cavities. However, if you prefer a cosmetically-pleasing dental filling, a tooth-colored composite filling is a better choice than a dental amalgam. However, if you have an extremely large cavity, a dental amalgam may be the better choice. Determining which dental filling… Read more »

Avoid These Things for Healthy Teeth

If you’re afraid about what to eat for the best dental health, don’t be: stick with foods that are relatively low in sugar and soft on your teeth, and you’ll be fine. (And as always, don’t forget to brush and floss your chompers daily!) That said, we understand that lots of our patients are tense… Read more »

Your Complete Denture Will Need to Be Cleaned Daily

The complete denture provided for you by the dental restoration specialists at was designed to replace the basic function and appearance of your missing teeth. Maintaining the removable dental appliance each day will help preserve its full function, help prevent bad breath, and ensure a comfortable fit with your underlying gum structure. Many denture wearers… Read more »

Treating Gum Disease

Because gum disease is not always painful you may not even know that you have it. And unless you are experiencing some of more serious symptoms, you may be tempted to put off seeing the dentist if you notice it. But gum disease is a serious dental health issue, and if it is left unchecked,… Read more »

Dental Trauma Can Cause Toothache Pain

Sometimes an accidental fall or other household accident can cause a blow to the face. While this can certainly traumatize the soft tissues in your mouth, it is also possible to harm one of your teeth without immediately noticing it. If you experience a toothache a few days after the incident it might indicate that… Read more »

Small Cavities Can Often Be Repaired with a Simple Dental Filling

Poor oral hygiene habits can alter the environment in your mouth. This can cause a buildup of plaque acids and an increased presence of bacteria. When this happens your teeth are at heightened risk of suffering a cavity or other tooth decay complications. Typical symptoms of a tooth suffering from a cavity could include sensitivity,… Read more »