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If a spectacular smile is what you seek, a highly effective treatment option to consider is a dental veneer. Dental veneers are designed to go on smooth by permanently affixing them to the fronts of teeth. A single dental veneer can dramatically in the look of a tooth.

If you require a cosmetic upgrade to a tooth, one highly effective restoration treatment that can dramatically improve the look of your smile exists in the form of dental veneers. Dental veneers are bonded directly to the fronts of teeth by removing a small amount of tooth enamel. Once veneers are in place, they can effectively support and enhance the look of a tooth for up to 10 years before a repair or replacement may be needed. Dental veneers can even be used on teeth that have suffered minor accidents including spacing issues or stains and discolorations. Porcelain veneers are also stain resistant to ensure they will be protected from future staining.

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