A New Cavity Can Develop in a Chipped Tooth

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A chipped tooth can sometimes prove to be a cosmetic imperfection that causes minor sensitivity. This tempts some individuals to forgo having the damaged tooth treated by a dentist like Dr. Wendy Quiroz.

Unfortunately, this could prove to be a serious error in judgment. As the weeks go by, minute food particles and plaque buildup can start to accumulate in the chipped tooth enamel. If they aren’t removed by brushing your teeth twice each day, the bacterial deposits could gradually start to foster a cavity.

This can prove especially distressing if the structural integrity of the tooth has also been compromised by the chipped tooth enamel.

With early detection, a minor chip in a tooth can be repaired by having Dr. Wendy Quiroz apply a basic amalgam or composite resin dental filling.

If a large area of tooth enamel has been compromised, or a new area of tooth decay has developed, she might recommend treating the tooth with a dental crown restoration. This will require her to completely remove the tooth’s enamel layer before replacing it with a replica made of gold, base metals, or dental grade porcelain.

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